We know renters insurance.

eRenterPlan has been the choice of millions of renters just like you. Find out why.

No Waiting

Unlike some of the big name insurance companies, eRenterPlan makes getting the renters insurance coverage you need quick, easy and convenient.

  • Get a quote in minutes - just apply online.
  • We'll notify your community that you're covered, so you don't have to
  • Manage your policy from your computer or a mobile device

Generous coverage

Accidents can happen. That's when it's good to know that eRenterPlan offers full replacement cost coverage up to the applicable coverage limits, and more.

  • Personal property protection at today's replacement cost
  • Full theft and burglary coverage for personal property
  • No credit check
  • More emergency living expense coverage than many insurers offer
  • Coverage for up to five roommates at no added expense
  • No rate increase for claims filed
  • Dog bite coverage with no dog breed restrictions, up to the $100,000 liability limit
  • Add-ons where available, such as pet damage coverage, jewelry protection, water backup and much more

Expert support

Since 1999, eRenterPlan has provided comprehensive renters insurance to millions of households in over 20,000 leading apartment communities. We're experienced. We're trusted. And chances are, we're already insuring some of your neighbors.